Heaven is for Real

Heaven is for Real: a book review

 ‘“God really, really loves us, Dad. You can’t belieeeve how much he loves us!” As eager as Colton was to tell about what God looked like, he was just as eager to tell me what God felt like towards us.’

Recently I finished one of the best books I have ever read. Not only was it extremely gripping and well written, it told the most extraordinary and hope-giving story. What’s more… it is all true.

In Heaven is for Real, Todd Burpo tells the story of his little boy Colton’s unexpected trip to heaven and back during an emergency appendectomy. The family were losing their little boy and losing hope with him. After Colton’s rapid improvement a stunned nurse said “there has to be a God, because this is a miracle.”

“In heaven, Dad. That’s where all the rainbow colours are… Nobody’s old in heaven. And nobody wears glasses.”

The innocence and latent content of the words spoken by such a young child are perhaps what makes this encounter of heaven, a place we long for, so touching and credible. Colton is unafraid of death since returning from heaven. It is a place of safety and comfort. It is a place where we can finally meet Jesus in person and be surrounded by God’s light.

When Colton was in hospital his parents were despairing and so were the nurses. The child looked like death and it was terrifying. It culminated in Todd going into a small room and praying, or more like yelling, at God. And yet, however angry he was with God, He answered and returned his son to him. “Can you believe that I could pray like that, and God would still answer it ‘yes’?”

Todd reflected on it by saying, ‘I learned that I didn’t have to offer some kind of churchy, holy-sounding prayer in order to be heard in heaven.  Most importantly of all, I learned that I was heard.’

I found this one of the most affirming and amazing things. To have that confirmation that God hears and answers prayers, even when things seem to have completely fallen apart, is invaluable.

The other element of this story which for some people must be life changing to hear is that Colton met his miscarried sister in heaven. She was there, taken care of, and waiting for the day she could meet her parents in eternity. Even those babies who don’t quite make it into our world are welcomed into heaven.

When I finished reading this book, I wanted to share it with everyone. I wanted everyone to read this book to help them affirm their faith, be it weak or strong. It will deepen your understanding of Jesus’ love and increase how you value the importance of personal prayer.

I would really recommend reading and discovering this life changing story. In Colton’s words, what he wanted us to find out from his story was:

‘I want them to know that heaven is for real.’



21 thoughts on “Heaven is for Real

  1. I love when Colton tells his Dad about the “markers” on Jesus’ hands. I too, was so moved by this book, I sent to a very close family member who lives 2000 miles away. In God’s perfect timing, the book arrived in the exact day an unusual hurricane blew up the east coast. This storm knocked out power and delayed my loved one from leaving on her yearly vacation planned at the shore. Roads where closed, and she had no other choice but to wait until morning before leaving. The book, which “happen” to be delivered that day was her choice of how to occupy the time through the storm. I woke early the next day to my phone ringing with a excited voice asking me, “Do you have Jesus in your heart?”!! I was COMPLETELY blown away! God had used this little story from a child’s point of view, where she could understand so easily, the love Jesus Christ for her:) My stepdaughter found Jesus, holding a flash light through a stormy night as a child shared his experience in heaven with Jesus! God had heard my prayers, and answered in an amazing way! Thank you for sharing your good review and post on the book. Yes, Heaven is for Real!! Blessings and God Bless!

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    1. Wow, what an amazing story showing how God works in remarkable ways! I am so pleased this book touched you and your family at such a distance from each other as it did for me. I also found the part where Colton mentioned the ‘markers’ very moving – the innocent description the child gave to Jesus’ wounds. Thank you so much for commenting this brilliant example of God sharing His love! God bless you also.

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      1. You are welcome:) I pray the Lord would lead someone else to your blog, to the book, and to His Son Jesus! Isn’t it SO cool, we’ll get to meet in heaven and learn how your post changed someone’s life! Blessings on the Mount!! d

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