Prayer for Maundy Thursday

“Take, eat: this is my body, which is broken for you: this do in remembrance of me.” –  Corinthians 11-24

Our Saviour Jesus Christ,

This Maundy Thursday, remind us of all that You have done and suffered for us. Let us celebrate each and every moment with You as if it were our last, just as the disciples did at the Last Supper.

Guide us onto the right path this Easter. You knew that Judas would betray You, so we ask now for Your help to not let us shy away from our knowledge of You when under the pressure of peers. Help us to understand that their judgement is nothing in comparison with Yours.

Help us to prepare for the weekend ahead just as you prepared the bread and the wine. Let it be a time when we remember You, just as You instructed us to do.

Thank you for all that You reveal to us and share with us, just as you did with the disciples on Maundy Thursday many years ago.



I will be back for Good Friday tomorrow as I draw near to finishing my 40 day Lent series. Thank you for reading this far!



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