God shaped hole

God shaped hole

Have you ever heard about the idea of us all having a ‘God shaped hole’ in our hearts?

It follows the idea that there is a hole in our hearts which only God can fill. We can try and fill it with things that we think make us happy, but none will fit properly. There are still gaps which only a certain piece will make up for. Those which aren’t the right shape won’t last without falling out they are insecure.

Those of us who allow God into our hearts can fill this hole. It is then that we may at last have the contentedness we all long and search for. We no longer need to go on an endless hunt for true happiness, as our souls will be complete.

Enjoy filling you God shaped hole today!


Join me for more of my 40 day Lent series tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “God shaped hole

  1. Quite right! Thank you for writing. It’s a booster for my day to a reader of your blog. Speaking of holes, may I share a favorite poem of mine:

    His Perfect Atonement

    I used to believe
    That there was a hole
    In Christ’s Atonement—
    That He could save everyone—
    Except me.
    But I was wrong.
    There is not one hole,
    But seven.
    Two holes in
    His Hands
    Where they nailed Him
    To a cross
    At the behest of those
    He would die
    To save,
    Two holes in
    His wrists
    Where they ensured
    The weight of His body
    Would not cause
    His hands
    To rip through
    Before His penance
    Was complete,
    Two holes in
    His feet
    Where He stood
    As a witness to all
    Of God’s unyielding love
    For each
    Of His children,
    And one hole in
    His side
    Where they pierced Him
    To prove His work
    Was done.
    Seven perfect holes
    In earth’s only
    Perfect Man.
    The perfect Atonement
    To patch the holes in our lives.
    His holes make us
    I was wrong.
    There is a
    In Christ’s Atonement
    For me
    After all.

    — Kasey Hammer

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    1. My pleasure – it is so lovely to hear appreciation from such a loyal reader, thank you!
      Wow – that poem is brilliant and very moving. Thank you so much for taking the time to share it. It fits nicely with the post and also adds depth and poignancy to what I am trying to express.
      Thank you again. God bless you 🙂


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