Creation vs. Creator

For all the gods of the peoples are worthless idols,
    but the Lord made the heavens. – Psalm 96:5

Creation vs. Creator

In modern society most of us are inclined to idolise other humans. Perhaps because of their fame we look up to them and they become role-models for us who can in many cases shape our lives.

God is famous. God is a wonderful role-model. Why do less people worship Him than they do other human beings?

It is easy to fall into this trap, and yet when you stand back and look at how we glorify people on the same level as ourselves, it seems pretty ridiculous. God made us, and yet we choose not to praise Him. Instead we idolise what He has made…

When it comes down to it, why are we worshiping the creation much more than the creator Himself?


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6 thoughts on “Creation vs. Creator

  1. I believe the reason why people worship created things rather than their creator is because we can relate to the things of this world. Like us, created things are finite and material. God on the other hand is infinite and really has no form, at least one that we can comprehend. We don’t worship God because we don’t understand Him. Fortunately, even though we don’t strive to know God, He on the other hand makes every effort to let us know that He is there and that He wants a relationship with us.

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    1. Thank you for these great thoughts. I absolutely agree – it is easier to compare ourselves with other people, particularly as we see our becoming like them a possibility.
      Yes, God does make an effort to show himself to us, even through our mere existence. I think it is the case of our eyes being open to these revelations, and this is where we falter.
      Thank you for reading! God bless x

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