Prayer for the future

Prayer for the future


Lord of the future,

I pray for the children of tomorrow,

That they may develop the beautiful qualities of:

Kindness, empathy, love, selflessness and faith.

Help them to learn not to rely on machines:

Phones, tablets, computers and appliances,

But to trust in each other and their own ability

And never get lazy.

I pray that in this society where idolisation and personal insecurities are high,

That they may be confident in their own appearance,

And their own character.

Let them be happy with how you made them,

And not want to be someone else.

Lord of the future,

Help the next generation take the universe into their hands

And make it glorious.



I am here daily with my 40 day Lent series – please come and enjoy the ride with me!



10 thoughts on “Prayer for the future

  1. AMEN!! And thank you for sharing:) I just came across your website and glad that I did. I started blogging in January as a means to help encourage others in Christ and I want to invite you to check out my site at If interested please follow me back. I believe that it is important to support other on this site and we all are working to encourage others in Christ:) Keep up your great efforts for Him:) God Bless!

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