Geometry – try triangles

Real Life Geometry

Life often goes in circles. One thing causes another, which leads back to the reason for the original thing. For example stress – something happens which causes you to stress. You stress about the effects stress is having on you. Therefore you are even more stressed. and so it continues… In short, it is a very hard circuit to break.

That is I suggest to try doing life in triangles, not circles.

Triangles have sharp corners, not curved edges. Perhaps these corners are harder to turn, but are necessary to in order to break the circuit. That way at the next turn, you can keep on going and continue straight, rather than turning back the way you came, hence leaving the repetitive series of causes.

This is all very metaphorical… but hopefully helpful in some way! I think God is rather fond of triangles. After all, he is three in one: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Maybe Lent is a time to realise the harsh realities of those corners and make some changes in preparation for Easter. At the time of new life, let’s break those old repetitions and try a new shape for a change.

We will always be stuck in these loops, so why not take a change and try getting stuck in God’s triangle?


I will be continuing with my 40 day Lent series throughout this month… look forward to hearing what you think! What would you like to come?


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